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Can you sublimate onto anything?

For the best Sublimation results, it is best used with polyester materials.

It can be used with a range of materials that have a specialist polymer coating, such as those found on mugs, mouse pads, coasters, and more.

In some cases, it is also possible to use Sublimation on glass, but it needs to be normal glass that has been treated and prepared correctly with a specialist spray.


What are the limitations of Sublimation?

Aside from the materials that can be used for Sublimation, one of the core limitations for Sublimation is the colors of any materials. Because Sublimation is essentially a dye process, you get the best results when the fabrics are either white or light-colored. If you want to print onto a black shirt or darker materials, then you could be better off using a digital print solution instead.


Benefits of Sublimation

With dye sublimation, you can print full, bright, and multiple colors! 

When applying to garments, the ink is embedded into the fibers. This allows for the design to feel as if it’s part of the garment and not actually on the garment!



You can ONLY use garments with a minimum of 50% polyester or polymer-coated substrates that are "dye sub ready". For the vibrant look that dye sublimation is known for, you'll want to use white garments that are 100% polyester.

Some people may argue that sublimation will work on other substrates; however, we strongly recommend only using polyester or polymer-coated substrates.


Sublimation Transfers Application & Help

For application on 50% polyester or higher garment (these DO NOT work on 100% cotton!) 100% white polyester will produce the best color results. You can use shirts that are light in color like: lt gray, tan, pastels, but know your colors will be faded. Tip: we love 50% polyester tees for a vintage look! SUPER CUTE & CHICK!


1.Set your heat press to 400 degrees

Time: 45-60 seconds

Pressure: Medium

2.Place sheets of white copy paper or parchment paper inside your shirt to prevent bleed through.

3.Position your transfer face down (use heat tape if desired) and cover with Teflon sheet.


5.Remove transfer immediately.

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